Fine Organics

Lianhetech has an extensive range of non-exclusive products, which may be held in stock. The list below is indicative – if you cannot see what you want, we can also manufacture on a toll or contract basis. Please Contact Us for a quotation. You may download our Standard Products pdf below.

Standard Products [pdf]

Chemical Name(EN)
Specification (%)
2-Chloro benzonitrile 873-32-5 ≥99% Bactericide, dyestuff & pharmaceutical intermediate

4-Chloro benzonitrile


≥99%  Agrochemical & pigment intermediate
2,3-Dichloro benzonitrile 6574-97-6 ≥99%  Agrochemical intermediate
2,4-Dichloro benzonitrile 6574-98-7 ≥99%  Agrochemical intermediate
3,4-Dichloro benzonitrile 6574-99-8 ≥99%  Agrochemical intermediate
2,5-Dichloro benzonitrile 21663-61-6 ≥99%  Agrochemical intermediate
2,6-Dichloro benzonitrile 1194-65-6 ≥99%  Agrochemical intermediate
2-Chloro-5-nitro benzonitrile 16588-02-6 ≥99%  Agrochemical intermediate
4-Bromo benzonitrile 623-00-7 ≥98%  Pigment intermediate
4-Tert-butyl benzonitrile 4210-32-6 ≥99%  Pigment intermediate
Benzonitrile 100-47-0 ≥99%  Pigment intermediate
Phosgene Chemicals
Stearoyl chloride 112-76-5 ≥98.5% Raw material for AKD, used in paper industry